Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Changes Coming

I'm going to be re-doing the blog template. I know, that's really tempting the whole thing to implode, but I'm going to do it anyway. I thought I'd try to do a "favourite posts" series of links in the sidebar and maybe some other stuff people might find interesting. If you have a favourite post, let me know.

Anyway, things might look askew over the next week.

I had a really, really, REALLY awful day today. Long story short-someone approached me in the grocery store to ask (very loudly, because non-English speakers are obviously all deaf) if I, "Watch other children."

I should probably take it as a compliment, since the nannies tend to be better dressed than I am most days.

I'll leave you with THIS.


Raymond said...

I'm curious about the tag you've given this post: "I Used To Have A Brain Before I Moved To Nebraska." I'm feeling exactly the same about my move to Sacramento. Do you feel un- or under-stimulated where you are? I am here. Or do you suppose maybe it's just our brains aging? (Or maybe these places are aging our brains prematurely?)

After ten years here (TEN YEARS??!!), I feel as though I've been lobotomized. My humor and quick wit seem not half what they were before coming here. BTW, when I lived in San Francisco (before I moved to Boston) and I would come here to Sacto to visit family, I felt lobotomized and it would take me a couple days to recover and shake off having been mentally numbed. That after visiting just a day or two, and now I've been here ten years. You can imagine how dull I feel now.

Goody said...

Yeah, though I probably shouldn't elaborate on a blog where my identity isn't exactly a secret. But yeah, I hear you.

Thankfully, I don't need to leave home more than a couple times a month, so I'm less confronted by it.

Goody said...

I want to be clear though-I don't think Nebraskans are stupid (Kansans are quite another story...)as a group. At least not more than people anywhere else. I certainly don't feel superior to anyone intellectually. Frankly, I'm dumb as a stump and I know it. Different interests, that's all. I've been here nine years and don't really have anyone I share common interests with. Cooking, I guess, maybe sewing.

I mean, cripes-you have to be pretty damn smart to run a farm. Aside from all the chemistry and biology, just handling the kind of money they do requires some economic understanding-so yeah, you'll never hear me call someone a "dumb farmer" because God knows, they're not.

I just wish I had friends that would get excited over finding a Calvino book in a thrift store. You know?