Monday, January 25, 2010

Gnocchi From Bon Appetit

Earlier this week, I purchased a 10 lb. bag of potatoes for around a buck. We're going to be eating potatoes for a while.

These gnocchi come from the current issue of Bon Appetit (recipe isn't up on the website, but will be eventually). Obviously, I skipped the pork and wild mushroom ragu they featured, serving my own meatless tomato sauce instead.

These start from baked russet potatoes rather than boiled ones, and it was much simpler to prepare than my usual recipe. I did not try any, but they boys devoured theirs and had seconds. That's unusual for Danny, so I feel confident declaring the recipe a great success.

I ended up with quite a few gnocchi. I froze the extras on a plate , and then transferred them to freezer bags for use on time-pressed weekends.

Now, if I just knew what to do with the rest of the potatoes (and yes, I already baked two rye breads from a potato starter).

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