Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gosh, That's A Pity

Parents are being forced to scale back on extravagant birthday parties for their children.

I really wish they had a photo of what a $5,000. birthday cake looks like. For a five year old. Jeepers.

My mother did my first few birthday parties at home, but once I was in school (you know, back in the stone age before we had paved roads and stuff) and was expected to invite the whole class, she started having them at The Ground Round. It was perfect-pitchers of beer for the parents, you could make as much noise as you wanted, and the peanut shells got tossed right on the floor (we felt so incredibly naughty doing that). You had to bring the cake yourself, but they did all the cutting, serving and provided a clown. It couldn't have cost too terribly much, because I know my parents didn't have extra money to toss around. I don't know, I look back at the photographs, and they seem like nice enough parties. The article makes it sound like "cutting back" is keeping it under $1,000. You know, you can buy a halfway decent used car for that.

Really, beyond the cake, and a gifts just how much entertainment does a child need?

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