Thursday, January 07, 2010

Is There A Song About That?

Danny became interested in cards this year. As a joke (and really, it wasn't funny after about the hundredth re-play) Mr. ETB got him the song, "Ace of Spades." Yeah, I'm just not the target audience for Motorhead, but apparently Danny is because he freaking loves it. So then, Mr. ETB got him a copy of Queen of Hearts". Those download a single for a buck sites are kind of tempting when you realise you don't need the whole album. Mercifully, I haven't yet been subjected to "The Gambler."

The thing is, children will play a song they like over and over-and the computer just makes that easier. I really should get him an iPod just so I don't need to listen. I mean, I was OK until Mr. ETB downloaded Little Willie Won't Go Home." I'm already partially deaf, but hearing that from early morning until bedtime was enough to make me consider piercing the other eardrum with a knitting needle. Then, just in time, Danny started playing the Motorhead song instead. Hard to believe that would be an improvement, but at this point it is the only thing standing between impaired hearing and total deafness.

Yesterday, I stared reading Alice in Wonderland with Danny (and predictably he was enchanted with the idea of playing cards coming to life).

"Mama? Is there a song about Alice in Wonderland?"

I had another one of those movie-like things where the room starts getting swimmy and you feel like it has been an hour while you consider the serious ramifications of how you answer the question and whether you can stand weeks of listening to White Rabbit at six in the morning for weeks on end but only a few seconds have passed before you screech back into the full-focus present.

"No, I'm sorry Danny, there isn't. Why don't you write one?"

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