Friday, January 29, 2010

Tastes Super, Texture Needs Work

I suppose that's the risk you take, creating recipes. Hindsight, being what it is, I'd add gelatin next time. It was far too soft. More cream cheese might have added stability, but I wanted something light. Next time, gelatin.

What you're looking at is the blood orange curd, whipped cream, vanilla sugar, and cream cheese-in a chocolate pastry crust. I spread a think layer of melted, bittersweet chocolate on the top, and stuck in a few pieces of blood orange brittle for "effect," (Yeah, clearly not the "effect," I was going for, but we all know I can't decorate).

It should have worked, and if I'd used my brain I would have chilled the filling before pouring into the shell to see if it firmed up (duh) but I didn't. Sue me. Hey, do you know what I did today? I dusted all of the bookcases, and the tops of the books. People who know us, and know the size of our collection are shaking their heads in amazement that I could do all that in a single day, and make a pie.

Anyway, I thought I'd share my FAIL for the week.

I do think it would take well to freezing, which I might try with a couple slices.

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