Thursday, January 21, 2010

"We Could Feed The Whole Damn World...

...if we didn't need to feed the broads."

My better half fails to see the humour in this film, but I love it, and own two copies. No, you can't have one-go order your own off Amazon. You won't be able to rent it (unless you have a decent movie store, and you live in Providence or Boston or someplace that would have a local interest in a movie filmed at Lupo's) but go on, and spend the five bucks to own it. If you don't like it, you can send it to me. I'm of the belief that you can never own too many copies of a movie you love. I love this movie. Oh god, do I love this movie.

Some of the better lines, HERE.

It is kind of too bad it didn't have wider distribution, as it could have become a cult-classic. The songs are wonderfully absurd:

"Why Do We Waste The Protein On Women?"
"Just As We Were Getting Started, You Farted"
"Do The Heimlich"

"When you see a brother, choking on some the Heimlich, get up on your feet."

If you can imagine people pantomiming the Heimlich in a dance...well yeah, you probably can't-you need to see the movie. With the week I've been having, I can honestly say this is the only thing that has brought a smile to my face in days. Everyone should have a movie like that in their collection. Feel free to share your favourite "cheer-up " movie if you have one.

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