Sunday, January 24, 2010

Women's Expo

"Happiness, Health, and Handbags."

That's OK-I can't wait until you finish throwing-up.

You back? Great. It can't just be me-someone else must find this offensive, right? Wigs, skinny jeans, bubble dresses, dealing with cellulite, dixie cups of sangria-wow, that really speaks to the modern woman, eh? Sort of like the "Women Matter", series they do on the local Fox affiliate that that had a feature about plastic surgery as a method of empowerment.

Certainly, I understand that this has zero to do with empowering women, or promoting our well-being. This, is marketing. This is women as marks. This is exploitation. Why anything this blatant still works in 2010 is beyond me, but obviously it does. This is only marginally more subtle than wearing yoga pants with "Juicy" emblazoned across the bum-or convincing someone it is ever OK to wear, "Juicy" emblazoned across their bum. Oh, I know-I sound old and cranky. I am old and cranky. I really thought we'd be past this rubbish already.

Yeah. So anyway, if this isn't your scene, there's a used book sale next weekend in Lincoln. With any luck, you might find some Andrea Dworkin books.

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