Friday, September 23, 2011


Danny is a sport coat kind of fellow. He's fine with a sweatshirt to sleep in, but early on, decided it unthinkable to wear one outside. *shrug*. He's partial to argyle vests as well.

Today was a lovely Autumn day. Danny was excited to wear his tweed coat for the first time this year (thank God it still fits), and his argyle beneath. Mind, this attire was worn with jeans and sneakers, so it isn't like he was dressed fancy, yet he seemed to attract attention everywhere we went. Well, mostly from old women at the market, and the post. What I thought so interesting was my son's response to the compliments.

Old Woman: My, don't you look handsome today.

Danny: Thank you-I'm wearing my favourite shirt, that's probably why.

Isn't that interesting? I don't know that I had a favourite shirt in Grade I, or that any of my clothing made me feel particularly attractive, but Danny clearly does, and it impacts the way he approaches the day. The shirt itself isn't exotic or anything-a beige broadcloth. Still, he feels cheerful wearing it, and the mood seems to be infectious. Maybe the secret to happiness is really just a well-tailored shirt.

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