Friday, September 09, 2011

Not Really a Black Forest Cake

-but you can still pull on yer hip boots, and goose-step over to the table for a slice if you like. Jah, is cake!

*ahem* now that we've got the cultural generalisations out of the way, I baked a chocolate cake, filled it with sour cherry preserves I'd forgotten bottling last year, and frosted it with sweetened whipped cream. I drizzled melted chocolate on top to be fancy, but really this isn't fancy. It was the best I could do after days confined to bed thinking I was going to die.

Sunday, something bit me-mosquito, spider? Who knows. I ended up with a bright red spot on my leg and the biggest, scariest bruise ever-then came the fever. Then, the chills. Headache, body pain, nausea (oh god, the nausea) and days later, I'm still not over it. No kidding-I don't know why I'm not dead from this, but as I'm not, I dragged my behind out of bed and baked today. No one else is sick, so I'm blaming the bite. Really, by Wednesday I was seeing double. Imagine the worst hangover you've ever had, with the bonus of a stiff neck and back, and you can't cure it with a greasy fry-up. I tried. I made myself a fried egg sandwich. Not the best idea, I admit, but it always works for a hangover, and this felt like a really bad hangover...except much, much, worse.

But hey, I'm not dead (yippie!) and here's some cake. I did miss the library sale today, but maybe by the last day on Sunday I'll be able to make it. Or not. You know what I'm gonna do if I find the little bastard that bit me? I'm going to introduce him to my shoe-that's what.

Hey look everybody, cake!

Happy weekend. Wear insect repellent.

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