Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Under no circumstances am I paying $ 2.99 USD for a single quince. I am not. Still, I enjoy quince this time of year, so consider this a plea to locals with quince growing at home-give me your quince. I'll pay you back with a batch of quince paste, and ginger-quince jam. Hell, I'll even bake you a sourdough. Anyone?

In other fruit-related news:

You cannot find fresh figs in Nebraska. I've tried.

In still other fruit-related news:

I harvested a total of seven Concord grapes from my vines. We suspect pheasants, but really on this farm, it could have been anything. Imagine me looking extremely annoyed. No, really annoyed. There, I think you've got it. I suppose there won't be any bottling of grape jam this year, unless a local has some grapes as well. Anyone? Same offer of bottled and home baked goods as above applies.

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