Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Halloween Fun

Science building at Creighton University
Please. Please don't throw away lab pants.
At the Haunted Physics Lab. They let 6 year olds do laser shows.
The lights were timed to music. Very cool. They also had a disembodied, Department Head, you could ask questions of. He seemed annoyed when Danny wasn't frightened and wanted to know how the illusion worked. He did show him before abruptly sending kiddo on his way.
At the Ak-Sar-Ben (that's Nebraska backward) Aquarium. Where else can you take your kid for .50 cents admission?
These are the mounted, prize winning catches from Nebraska waters. Note the paddlenose.
-Also at the Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium, where they have a room filled with stuffed and mounted birds and animals.
-and some live ones like snakes and frogs.
It seemed the obvious place to take Danny in his Halloween costume for a trial run. He's a Rainbow Trout.
I wonder if the fish were freaked out by the large trout?
Anatomy lessons for little trout.
Relax kid, you're not an invasive species.

"Look! I caught a human! I'd like to have him weighed and certified, I think he's a record breaker."

The people at the aquarium were good sports about letting us parade about taking photos and engaging in general silliness. We also made a trip to Unity of Omaha for the "Trunk or Treat" where people hand out candy from their cars. That was fun, and right away, someone recognised Danny was a rainbow trout-that made him feel better about his homemade costume.

I'll be ready to drop by this time tomorrow night, but Halloween is so much fun it will be worth it. I still can't believe that costume worked. It is little more than foam board, aluminum foil, construction paper, mylar film, and a sharpie. I guess all those years doing technical theatre have finally paid off.

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