Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Beard on Bread Sour Cream Loaf


This was the loveliest, softest bread I've ever baked. I still cannot believe how feather light it is, while still being firm enough to cut into slices. I made Mr. ETB a couple sandwiches to take for lunch of this bread, the apricot mustard, Swiss cheese, and tomato. It took every bit of will power to resist eating both sandwiches before placing them in the paper sack. I did think about leaving a note in the empty bag that read, "sorry." with some crumbs glued on-but that would have been cruel. Danny had a similar version with cheddar and chutney.

I suspect this would make incredible French toast.

I made this one with creme fresh. I'll post an up[date when we cut into the loaf, but it looks and smells great.

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