Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Coconut Washboards

These are from Maida Heatter's cookie book. They were simple to put together, despite the complicated sounding instructions. As the recipe is already posted all over the net I'll send you HERE for the details, and HERE for another baker's experience making them. I used a bag of sweetened coconut that was on the dried-out side. That seemed to be a good fit. Mine came out very crisp.


Janice said...

The cookies look scrumptious. I recently made Ranger cookies that listed corn flakes as one of the ingredients. I thought of you and the nut allergies in your family. The corn flakes added a nice crunch. But, mmmm coconut gets my vote everytime. Thanks for posting this!

Goody said...

*nods head* corn flakes. Oh, I see potential in corn flakes (maybe a sunflower butter and cornflake mock Butterfinger bar?). Thanks for the reminder.

*puts corn flakes on shopping list*