Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Homemade Grape Nuts Style Cereal

Made with hand grinder
Made with electric coffee grinder.


This stuff is incredible. Mr. ETB had his with yoghurt, Danny tried it with warm milk. Both thought it was superb. We all agreed that the flake-like texture from the hand grinder made for a more interesting cereal, but no one refused the finely ground ones either. I think a jar of this would make a lovely gift, perhaps with some homemade candied fruit.

Recipe, HERE.

For one batch I used the coarse blade of the meat grinder. That gave them an almost flake-like quality. For the other, I ground them by pulsing a handful at a time in a coffee grinder. I don't own a food processor. Both worked.

Tasting a nibble of each straight from the oven, the flakes have a more interesting texture, but that can change upon cooling and the addition of milk. I'll update this tomorrow after breakfast with more observations, and the recipe.


Holy crap, I made my own cereal!

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