Saturday, November 05, 2011

I Drove to Hobby Lobby...

...alone. It is far from home, and in an unfamiliar part of Omaha, but I made it there and back without getting lost which means I can go there any time I please. That can become dangerous. I went for black food colouring, and came home with fabric, ribbon, candy making supplies, and a set of historically accurate Civil war toy soldiers for Danny. The fabric was $2.00 a yard for black watch plaid. I'm a sucker for blue and green. I know what I'm backing Danny's yearly Birthday quilt with.

I adore Hobby Lobby, and they are not paying me to say so. They sell sanding sugar and candy flavourings that are made on a nut-free production line, as well as an incredible assortment of educational toys and science kits for children. Sure, I'm not fond of dried flowers, crappy faux-luxe artwork, statuary, and the like-but they have a bit of something for everyone. The prices are good, the stock unique, and really you can't do much better than two dollars a yard for decent weight cotton fabric. I leave there happy, which isn't something I can say after most retail experiences. The help seem to like working there.

The next few weeks (well, maybe the next eight weeks) are so over-scheduled I don't know how I'm going to live through them. I'll go ahead and apologise in advance as I know posting here will be somewhat sporadic. I'll try to stop myself when next I feel compelled to volunteer a couple pounds of caramels, or to make a Periodic Table of the Elements from decorated sugar cookies (insane, I know) while still homeschooling seven hours a day, but I likely won't succeed. I still haven't replaced the button on my winter coat, or planted the garlic-but I have a good supply of gel food colouring and pastry bags! Priorities.

Tomorrow-four more bookcases for the next section of the reading cube.

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