Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Sourdough Starter is One

Yes, it is poorly decorated-thanks for noticing! I kind of thought that would go well with the whole, "Birthday cake for a jar of starter" thing. I didn't want anyone to think I put an effort into this because...well because that would be even stranger. I mean, come on-it is a jar of sourdough starter. I feed it twice a day, but it isn't a human baby.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the first loaves baked with our starter. I named him Petrarch, but Danny nicknamed him, Chuffy. Months later, Danny became aware of a frequent commenter at The Guardian named, Chuffy. For a while, I had Danny convinced the starter was sneaking out of the fridge at night to post comments on cookery articles. I mean, who knows-stranger things have happened.

Stranger things...like convincing me to bake a cake, and make party hats for a sourdough starter. The last starter met a terrible death in the tornado of 2008, so I guess we should be happy Chuffy is alive and well (and we haven't been hit by another tornado (fingers crossed)).

Unlike a human child, you can just shove a starter in the icebox, and ignore it when you're too busy to feed it.

"Hey Danny...? About dinner...?"

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