Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Danny's Birthday

First presents (very, very early)
oooh, a super powerful magnet for science and a Jacob's ladder toy.
Yeah, I made the Periodic table from iced butter cookies. Someone had to.
A thermometer.
Detail of cookies. I'm glad I went with edible marker rather than trying to pipe all the stuff in royal icing. Good call, that.
Danny requested a cake shaped like a battery. I thought it should have a lightbulb as well. What the photo does not show are the candy crystals that made the lightbulb appear glass-like. The battery has silever and gold crystals as well.
Yeas. I bought him $60.00 worth of plastic soldiers so he could recreate the Charge of the Light Brigade. No, we didn't get all of "The 600." Damn close though. These models are really well made-the horses stand and the soldiers stay put atop them. You get what you pay for, in replicas anyway.
The quilt is difficult to photograph due to the shimmer of the organza top. What I did was make a fish tank scene with apliques, rick rack, sequins, etc. I covered it with the sheer organza and sewed it to the top of the quilt. Danny loves it, as do I. It wasn't terribly difficult to make, though it did require some planning.
Can you see the fish?

We finished the day at the Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Council Bluffs. Actually, that's not true as we stopped at the Hy-Vee in the Mall of the Bluffs for cheese (They have an outstanding selection of cheese ends from exotic cheeses). As it is Danny's birthday, he got to select the cheese-Leicester, and Emmanthaler. Both excellent choices. I bought a small Canadian cheddar that I wish I'd purchased more of. That stuff was so good it makes me wonder why we bothered invading Iraq when we could have invaded Canada. I mean, they have oil and cheese. I don't know why the Pentagon never rings and asks for my opinion.

Anyway, a wonderful time was had by all, and my baby is now a very grown-up seven years of age.


Raymond said...


Wow, this is all so awesome. I wish my parents weren't the typical unremarkable (that is, dad missing, both yelling when together, mom ... nevermind.. I better stop...) parents.

I hope you're somehow archiving this blog. A great present for Danny later.

Goody said...

I expect Danny will grow up resentful that I never took him to Chuck-E-Cheese for a Birthday, or something like that.

I think I spent most of my birthdays as a child trying to stay out of my mother's way as she was easily de-railed by the stress of things like birthdays.

meCat12 said...

Amazing! I love the cookies, the cake and the quilt, but if Danny wants another battery cake, I recommend using an LED light, since 99.9% of Lightbulbs like the one you used couldn't light off of DC (batteries). Nice work anyway!