Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nut-Free Easter Recipes

Blogger has been acting flaky of late, so I'm not certain how far along I'll get with the list before it crashes. It took the better part of two hours to get last night's post done. I will continue to add to the list over the week.

A few years ago, I compiled my Lenten Cake recipes into a central post, which may be found HERE.

Most of these recipes are for candy (in case you want to make your own for a nut-free Easter basket) and desserts, as main courses don't tend to need much adaptation to nut-free.

Nut-Free Edible Bread Basket With Fanciful Loaves

Christopsomo Bread

Nut-Free Kulich

Nut-Free Hot Cross Buns

Nut-Free Edible Nests For Peeps (with marshmallow poop!)

Nut-Free Pink Meringue Cookies

Homemade Hard Candy-Nut Free

Nut Free Homemade Twix Bars

Nut Free Homemade Sky-Bar (ish) Candy

Lavender Caramels-Nut Free

Homemade Nut-Free Fondant for Candymaking

Nut-Free Dark Chocolate Fudge

Nut Free Cinder Toffee Ice Cream

Nut Free Strawberry Bavarian

Fish Pate (something for the meatless guests)

Nut Free Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart

Coconut Macaroons-Nut Free

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