Thursday, March 22, 2012

Revere Beach Live Cam

All the er...interesting things about Revere without the smell of low tide. No audio of course, but you know it probably sounds something like:

"Yeah, so I says to Frankie, hey! That's not yerz, that's my-an. Where you been since the track closed? My cousin Joe was goin' to Foxwoods last weekend when the Caddie blew out. That's a nice car he got though, mint. Ya wanna cup of cawfee from the Dunkin or just a cup-a wadder? Hey, there's Palo. Hey! Palo, where you been since the track closed? I seen your ma gettin' her hair done in Eastie last week, she says you been workin' construction. I gotto go stop by Demoulas, I'm outta milk. See youse later."

I'm not going to apologize because you know it is accurate.


Dave said...

Are the conversations that you hear in Nebraska significantly more interesting?

Goody said...

Yes, but only because they involve livestock.