Monday, March 26, 2012

We're Doomed

Micromanaging the Easter egg hunt.

"Take Your Parent to Work Day", was pretty funny though-in a sad way, but you know. I rarely have occasion to hold up my mother's parenting decisions as examples of how to do things, but her approach of generally ignoring us, and being banished from the house early Saturday morning (and woe to the child that arrived back before dinner) does seem like the stuff of an idyllic childhood.

I tried imagining either of my parents pulling a similar stunt at the Easter egg hunt, but can't. If nothing else, they were pretty orderly as far as rules, and if there was a rope to keep you out, then you didn't go over the rope. OK, in honesty they weren't all that fit either, so hurdling a rope, and crawling about looking for plastic eggs wouldn't have been something they would entertain in the first place, but I'm sure they would have felt pressured by social norms not to do it. One needn't be mannerly at home to know what's expected in public.

God, I just wrote something kinda/sorta/nice about my parents, didn't I? Gee whiz, I must be getting sick or something. I better go lie down.

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