Wednesday, October 10, 2012

That's Christmas, Sorted

I have six Christmas puddings being stored after the initial steam, a Christmas Cake (wrapped in apple brandy soaked cheesecloth) and enough dried fruit left for a second cake (someone should stop me before I bake again).

With Danny's Birthday so close to Christmas, I try to get things done as early as possible. Last year I had the puddings made by the 18th-so I'm a week ahead this year.

Tomorrow, the new washing machine arrives-hooray! I've been hand washing everything for a week now, which is obviously a pain.

I have Danny's Halloween costume ready-he's dressing as Uncle Pennybags from the Monopoly game (he's kinda Monopoly obsessed) which was great as he already had a suit so all we needed was a walking stick, and a hat.

The quilt is coming along. I still haven't located a suitable backing fabric, but I'm doing the front by piecing into the design of the board. The sewing isn't so terrible (no worse than other square-based quilts) but the embroidery on the properties, Community Chest, Utilities, etc. is killing me. Nothing makes you realise you need new glasses the way that tiny embroidery does (not to fear, I see the optometrist in a couple weeks). I'm fairly confident it will be completed by Danny's Birthday.

I guess it really is too soon to start making Christmas cards, eh?

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