Friday, February 08, 2013


-no, not here...we had bees buzzing around in the 60 degree sun the other day (that was so freaky) but back east. I am really glad I don't live in Boston tonight. Or tomorrow. Or the day after because digging your car out of three feet of snow is going to suck. I lived there for over ten years, but I never remember the road being shut down, or the National Guard being activated. I guess '78 is still enough of a memory that people don't want to take chances. If you're in Boston, and reading this-hey, you still have power! Or a mobile signal. You probably have milk and bread. You did stock up on milk and bread, right? I mean, it doesn't matter if you're coeliac, and lactose intolerant-tradition dictates you stock up on milk, and bread. I don't make the rules.

The crazy thing is, I keep hearing about the snow out there and get all racy-heartbeat worried. I hope everyone stays safe, and that no bastards try to steal your parking space after you dig it out, and leave a chair in it. Really, people-you don't take someone's space they spent hours digging out. That's just wrong. Wrong. I know the city has changed in the last couple decades, but it is still, you know...wrong. Don't steal spaces.

Be safe, Boston. Holy god, three feet of snow.

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