Monday, April 22, 2013

It Is Snowing, But I have Gardening on My Brain

I'm told spinach gets sweeter when exposed to cold weather, so at this rate, I should be growing candy in my garden. We've had more snow/sleet/hail/downpours over the last week than any spring I can remember in Nebraska, and I've been here twelve years. So far, everything is holding up, but I don't dare take out the tender strawberries or peppers.

I'm growing a variety of peppers this year that can be dried, and ground for paprika. Since I go through tons of the stuff, I was curious to see if there would be much difference.

The arboretum plant sale is this Saturday in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Lancaster Events Center. If you're a local (or willing to make a trip) the "Spring Affair" is loads of fun, and you can come home with some really interesting stuff your local nursery won't have. Get there early for the best selection.If you are planning to go, and would like to do a meet-up, drop me an email.

Danny's lavender plant has really taken off after being re-potted. It needs to go outside at some point, if we ever get spring. The plant is named, Darcie after the young woman who sold Danny the plant. He's on a first-name basis with most of the people that work there. I see a summer job in his future. As yesterday was Earth Day, they sent him home with a complimentary potted daisy. I'm not sure if he named it. He probably named it. He always names the plants.

The snow continues...and still, the lawn needs mowing. How is that even possible?

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