Sunday, November 17, 2013

1960's Bridesmaid Dress

I'm not "loitering", I'm standing here improving the property value. You're welcome.

"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign..."

I found this dress with a few others at a yard sale in Newton, Mass in the early 90's. This was clearly the best of the lot, and the only one I still have. Gold metallic embroidered polyester dresses aren't for everyone...they're for me. An elderly woman commented on my get-up noting, "You really like gold" and I had to admit it is true. "I'm a magpie, I like to collect shiny things", I told her. I do. I really do.
Let's pause for a David Lynch inspired photo. OK, now let's get back to the clothes!
A shiny dress needs shiny shoes. That blue thing in the background is my dental night guard. I grind my teeth. Now you share something interesting about yourself. Go on.
Shiny. Shiny things.

Outfit Particulars:

60's Brides maid's dress-yard sale
Op-art pattern silk jacket-thrifted
Brown shrug-thrifted
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam 2/$3.00
Necklace-Shop-Ko clearance
Earrings: Mum's put onto new wires
Gigantic Square ring-Nordstrom's early 90's
Gigantic Green ring-Marshall Field's early 90's
Bracelets-assorted thrifting
Handbag-Target clearance
Brooch-a yard sale in Marblehead Mass, 90's

Have a super-nice day.


Jenn said...

For some reason your "No Loitering" pictures make me think you belong on some sort of cool BBC show...

Goody said...

Well if they ever resurrect Ab-Fab...