Thursday, November 07, 2013

Christmas Puddings, Done!

There are four large Christmas puddings cooling on the counter, and two more Christmas cakes baked and stored. With the 5 hour steam out of the way, the puddings will need 2 more hours on Christmas eve, then a quick re-heat on the day. With Danny's birthday in December there is no way I could wait for Stir-up Sunday to get these done. I was so relieved to have these completed, I grabbed Danny, and we went for a nice long walk (about a mile) to the library.

You'd think from the way he carried on that I'd had him running a marathon! Sure, it was cool-ish out (about 40 degrees F.) but any day without sub-zero temps and snow this time of year is a bonus, and we need to take advantage of them.

I realised when I got home that I probably reeked of alcohol from all the baking with brandy soaked fruit. I hope no one at the library thinks I spend my afternoons getting pissed. I lean to one side when I walk (spine grew funny-that's a post for another time), sometimes I stumble from arthritis, and my cheeks and nose are always bright red from lupus...and I wasn't wearing any slap to cover it. Yikes, I'll bet I did look like I'd been hitting the sauce.

Sometimes I think I should pay more attention to how others view me...but most of the time I think they can just fuck off.

Hey everybody, my Christmas baking is done!

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