Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In Turtle Land

The vintage turtle figurines I purchased last month have found a home in Danny's room where he has transformed a high edged serving tray into a turtle garden complete with moss, rocks, and dollhouse furniture. Recently, I found them on chairs round a table enjoying tea from a miniature porcelain set I had as a child. I dare say, the turtles have better furniture than we do.

Today, I gave Danny ten dollars to buy what he wished in the miniatures department at Hobby Lobby (aka, "My Happy Place"). He bought a bookshelf (that's my boy!) with mini volumes that can be taken off. After a while, he came downstairs to help with dinner.

"So, how are the new Turtle Land items working out?" I asked.
"Fine, but you know that shelf of books?"
"There's a bible in there! I don't want a bible. Who would put that in there?  The turtles are Atheists."

I guess I could make a new cover for the offending volume, and turn it into a Dawkins book or something. Oh well, what do you expect at Hobby Lobby?


Raymond said...

Atta boy! Atheists unite!

Goody said...

But not so atheist that he would turn down a Christmas present because the kid ain't a dummy.