Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Like Something Outta a Cartoon

I woke up today with nerve stuff all down the right side of my body (this is common enough for me that I don't freak out thinking I'm having a stroke or something). I must have dropped half a dozen things before 7 AM-I swear, I'm going to start taking my morning cup in one of those sippy contraptions. Anyway, I went to open a packet of soda crackers (hey, do I judge your breakfast? No? Then shut up) and they flew in a cascading arc like a Vegas dealer shuffling cards-except mine all landed on the floor. But really, for a couple of seconds I was able to marvel at the way they defied gravity. I couldn't reproduce it in a million years.

Then, I grumbled a bit because I had to bend down, and pick them up.

The local newspapers and television stations are all freaking out with weather warnings because of the, "dangerously cold weather." It went down to ten degrees last evening-cold, but hardly worthy of the panic the media sees fit to spew. If you're sleeping rough, then sure, you could die from exposure but otherwise I don't really see the point of hysterical warnings about the cold. Grab an extra blanket (or three, as I did) and get on with it.

The weather did make me realise I need to weather strip the bedroom window, but I'll leave that job to they boys as I don't think I should be handling an exacto knife today-I'd hate to see that go flying across the room!

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