Saturday, November 02, 2013

Ultra Suede Circle Skirt

This is the ultra suede skirt I wrote about a couple months back. I have yet to decorate it, but I do think it could use some fabric paint, or an embroidered border. It was however the perfect thing to wear on a day that started at 37 degrees F. and ended near 65. Still too beige for my tastes though. At least the child was dressed colourfully...and the trees had on their fiery best.
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 Outfit Particulars:

Ultra Suede Skirt: Goodwill $3.59
Jacket: Thrifted (about) $5.00
Boots: Thrifted several years ago
Yellow Cashmere polo neck-From my collection of Marshall Field's Country Shop cashmere sweaters 80's-90's (I went kinda nuts for these when I was young and had money)

 Make a funny face for the camera...OK?
Time to chunk 'yer pumpkins! Danny tells me if you miss the dumpster, and it splats on the pavement that's called, "Pie-ing" it. I guess this is a competitive sport in some circles.

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