Monday, November 18, 2013

Vintage Family Circle Magazines 1935-1943

I bought these last summer at the Sarpy County sale for .50 cents (the entire lot, as it was near the end of the sale). Some of the issues are in better condition than others, and it seems the original owner was a bit of a coupon clipper, so a few spaces are cut away, but overall they are in excellent condition.
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 I do enjoy an apple dumpling.

 Well it was wartime, and there was rationing, so a Spamburger was probably a feast.
 The 1935 issue was pretty fragile but it had an article with great photos of shrunken heads. Then, because I have an anthro degree, I felt compelled to explain to Danny how it is done. He's pretty freaked out by it.

 The kiddo rolled his eyes when he saw this ad for, "Eatmor" cranberries. You can roll your eyes as well.
 Me? A Husband charmer? Uh, I dunno. Depends what I have to do. Let's see, greet him at the door graciously (uh...) take his hat (uh...well he doesn't wear one most days), and offer him a glass of ginger ale? I guess I could greet him at the door tonight with a glass of ginger ale, he's had a bit of a stomach bug of late, so that would be a thoughtful gesture. I don't think he'd be charmed by it (concerned, maybe) but I'll give it a go and let you know...wait, he doesn't have a comfortable chair I can seat him his honour. Fuck it, I'll toss  him a can of Bud and call it a day.
 Vegetables spoilt by careless canning?! Oh dear, I'd be upset too! Wait, the fact two jars spoiled is the selling point? Geez. 900 jars? What's she doing, sending them to the Front?

 An article regarding whether you should discipline another child if they act up at your home. I'm old enough (not as old as this magazine, thanks very much) to remember being screamed at by friend's parents right along with their kid. My mother once dragged some kid home by his ear because he bit my sister or something. I doubt it would fly today, but we were expected to behave properly when we were guests at a friend's home, and if we didn't...whoo boy, were we gonna get it! I mean, look at that little bastard dipping the girl's pigtails in the ink well. What a fucking arsehole. He should get a spanking.
 Wow, who knew chewing gum was a way to relax during the war? Gets rid of all that nervous tension.
 Don't worry, there's enough skinless wieners (ouch) for the soldiers, and the homefront.

I'll try to feature more of the ads, and articles from time to time.


Raymond said...

RE: Spam. When I was about 12 shopping with mom I looked at a can of Spam to see what ingredients made it up. "Shoulder of Pork and Meat." So it's an acronym: SPaM. (Of course, the "and meat" frightened me.) That's all that was on the label; labeling has more strict requirements nowadays (salt, etc) and the recipe has probably become more chemical-y, but that's what it was in 1973-ish.

Goody said...

That sounds much more likely than, "Spiced ham."