Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wearing Two Dresses at Once

Sometimes you discover a favourite dress makes a better coat.

Both the lace, and the riding dress are items I've owned for many, many years-the lace Gunne Sax being my high school graduation dress. Neither get very much wear these days as they are difficult to wear...alone that is. I had the inspired idea to wear the dress as a coat, and suddenly two rarely used pieces of clothing are wearable again. Hooray!

The lace dress had a satin sash originally, but I lost it ages ago. I never liked this dress as it was too sweet for someone like myself, but with a dark belt, black tights and a tunic beneath, it takes on a look better suited to my personality. It did however fit better when I was young, before my shoulders disappeared. Funny how that happens as we age.
Oh dear, I didn't make the bed before snapping the photo. Eh, whatever...Saturday!

 Outfit Particulars:
Black Riding Dress: Laura Ashley, 80's
White Gunne Sax Dress (Dudes, I am not telling you when I graduated High School) Old
Tunic: Dots, about fifteen years ago
Necklaces: Top-Von Maur, early 2000's, Middle: A gift shop somewhere in Western Mass, about '92
bottom necklace-Thrift world
Belt-came with a dress
Rings-Onyx and silver filigree-mum's, Double cameo-Mum's, all others purchased here and there over the years.
 "Please do not take my photograph young man...and no autographs!"

I have no fucking idea what the graffiti is about, it looks like an obscene porpoise.

Have a lovely weekend.

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