Thursday, April 03, 2014

Bumble Bee Meets School Bus

When I bought this dress Mr. ETB remarked that it looked like a home economics project-that got a failing grade. It does have quite a bit going on from the collar, to the wide sleeves, to the wild pattern. Still, I don't think it would fail home ec. as the seams are well done, the hems are trimmed, and the construction is pretty solid. If anything, it suffers from a bit of an identity crisis-not quite knowing what era it belongs to.
I'm pretty sure this is 1980's, but it lacks shoulder pads. Personally, I think it needs them, but then you'd never be able to wear a sweater or jacket over it. The sleeves are nearly impossible already. Still, I found an old blazer that seemed to work.
I still look like I'm wearing a school bus, but the jacket balances the craziness of the yellow.
 Anyone for a game of Tic-Tac-Toe on my bottom? Extra-large writing surface!

 Still, for all the faults, I really do like it. This dress is such a "fuck you" to convention. The person behind the design clearly didn't worry about being subtle. And let's face it, I'm unlikely to run across anyone else wearing the same thing (though I'd absolutely buy her a drink to celebrate her good/bad taste if I did).

Outfit Particulars:

1980's (I think) linen dress with Made in Hong Kong label (that's not much to go on, I admit)-Goodwill
Black and white vintage dangle clip earrings-Thrift World, Millard
Black blazer-bought it new in the 90's
Bunny pin-Hand-Me-Ups store .99 cents
Palm Tree brooch-Hand-Me-Ups-Store .99 cents
Yellow hair flower on clip-Tif and Tam

 I suspect I'm not alone in harbouring ugly clothing simply to revel in the craziness of it. That's OK-I won't tell.


Propagatrix said...

I like it too. It reminds me of Ed Grimley, and I mean that in a GOOD way.

Goody said...

There's something I hadn't thought about in 30 years! If I had, I'd have spiked my hair up. Oh well, there's always the next time I wear the dress.

pastcaring said...

Oh yes, any garment that says fuck you to convention is alright with me! The little boob flap pockets make me smile. Am I weird? Probably, but I reckon I am in good company here!
I love yellow and black actually, and I definitely think there should be a place reserved in our wardrobes for those ugly/amazing pieces that are totally bonkers. I wear stuff which raises eyebrows all the time. Other people's, not mine. I don't much care, and I know you don't either, so grab a marker pen and let's play noughts and crosses (cos I'm English) on your fabulous behind! xxx

Janice said...

I suppose it might be shocking to know that I personally only own one dresser full of clothing and about 6 pairs of shoes. Ha. I travel light, I guess. Perhaps this is why your wardrobe is so interesting to me. I tend to purchase a new/different sweater and then part with an old one. The closets in our 1923 built home would best be described as crawl hanging up clothing can be a bit of a challenge. With regards to this particular dress, I love the buttons and collar. Your hair looks great in that style.

Sue said...

I love the comments from our men folk, like my youngest son (nearly 19) told me I looked like Barney as in the dinosaur one day because I was dressed in pink and lime with spots. That so didn't put me off wearing it.

Goody said...


I admit, having all this closet space here has changed the way I buy clothing. On the farm there wasn't any point having decent clothes as they just got ruined from mud, or our hard water. I think I wore the same five dresses for thirteen years.

Now that I can have treated city water, and a place to keep everything, I've gone nuts with my wardrobe. I feel like I'm learning to dress all over again.