Saturday, April 19, 2014

Clothes Made For a Windy Day

Everyone should own billowy clothing-it gives you such a splendid feeling. Just between us, this is a dressing gown but, shhhhh no one will ever know.
It is made of the most wonderful, papery silk that protects me from sunlight whilst remaining cool enough to wear on a humid day. I wish I had ten more of them.

 Wide-legged jumpsuits do their share of billowing as well. I could soar, I tell you!
Something tells me these two pieces are bound to become wardrobe staples this summer.

Outfit Particulars:
 Jumpsuit-K Mart
60's Robe by-Mode O'Day Styled in California (Damnit, should have worn the Gaymode shoes but maybe you shouldn't mix modes, even in California)
Shoes-BCBGirls-thrifted Goodwill
Belt-retail years ago
Silver cuffs-Gordmans (a very long time ago)
Slave Bracelet-Mum's from the 60's
Earrings-Can't remember
Floral headband-Gordmans
Macramé handbag-Thrifted
The shoes were more comfortable than they look.

Come on kid, let's go make some people stare at us in the library! These are going to be cherished childhood memories someday. Maybe. Possibly. Unlikely. Fine, we'll go home and dye some eggs. You're part Ukrainian, you should be good at it.

We have a slew of good movies to watch this weekend from Pan's Labyrinth, to Escape to Witch Mountain. We also picked up Fantastic Planet.

Right, off to see to those eggs now.


Connie said...

Giant pants and flowiness. You've hit my favorite fashion things. Very pretty.

Goody said...

Thanks, Connie. It really did make me feel glamourous floating about the library.

Sue said...

Making memories for our kids is all part of the deal. Mine say I scarred them for life, in jest, but sometimes I do wonder. Your son is lucky to have a fun, free spirited mother, that is what I still tell mine!! Love your outfit.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Pan's Labyrinth? Yesss! I love the evil step-father. You have ticked all my excitement boxes with this fabulous outfit, what a beautiful dressing gown, such incredibly saturated colours and I'll bet it feels amazing to wear! xo

pastcaring said...

Ooh, jumpsuit joy! And look at the beautiful silk dressing gown. Apparently kimonos are having a Fashion Moment (so some bloggers are saying, those that do the trend thing...) so you are right up there with the fashion pack. I just KNOW that will make you happy.
Yes, billowy and flowy and delicious; I make a point of wearing my floofiest dresses on windy days, just for the thrill of the unexpected flash of granny knickers.
I am, however, disputing your claim that those stonking heels are comfortable. I simply cannot believe it. Cool and sex-ay, yes; comfortable, never!
Hope eggs have been painted and films watched and memories made! xxx