Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Do I look Like I Give a Rat's Ass?

Spring finally sprang by leaping directly into summer! We are headed to a high of 80 degrees F. today, and with the sun shining, I thought it only fair to do my part contributing to the overall brightness. These clothes can't work their magic if I don't wear them.
Still, the mornings are cool, so I employed a series of layers to ease into the day. You need layers-like air and water-blue, blue water.

...and shimmering things. Come on people, what's the point if you don't shimmer?!
But as the day warms, it makes sense to strip off a bit, even if it gets you the stink-eye from the women your own age. Too over-dressed for Aldi? *Shrug* the day I start caring what people think of my appearance is the day...well, I can't find a way to end that sentence because it ain't happening.
Do I look like I care? Well how about now? Look again...still no? Good. I can think of many things that will ruin a day, but my appearance, or what someone thinks of it are not on the list. I'll go as far as saying if your friends DO care what you look like, it is probably time for new friends. I know a lovely group of non-judgmental  bloggers I can introduce you to.

Outfit Particulars:

RK Originals dress -Thrifted
Blue cardigan-Target
Pink neon leggings-Tif and Tam (at the grocery store-no shit!)
Blue Straw purse-Thrifted
Beige Nordstrom's linen blazer (80's) thrifted
Earrings-upcycled vintage earrings-The Mexican Shop, Evanston, Illinois (circa 1987)
Bracelets-thrifted here and there
Owl ring-K Mart
Hair flowers-Tif and Tam
Blue rhinestone necklace-Sears (I think) a few seasons ago


Okie dokie, I'm out of here to bask in the sun in front of the house, and yell at people to keep off the lawn. You go have a super day, and don't let anyone give you the stink-eye. Send 'em here, I'll straighten them out.


pastcaring said...

You know, the older I get and the brighter or more ridiculous my clothes, the less I notice the side-eye. I used to see it, especially in the playground at school. Either people (other mums - I don't think men notice too much) have got used to me, or I have successfully blanked out the odd looks and the raised eyebrows. Anyhow, like you, I give not
a single shit. I look better than them. There - I said it. And you, my friend, look better than those stink-eye "ladies". I know I didn't see them, but I'm betting they were DULL. I'm right, aren't I?
Ooh, cool sundress, love the pink and blue combination, and you have the best bling.
PS. 80 degrees? Good grief, that's definitely summer! xxx

Goody said...

Of course you look better than them!

I won't fault anyone dressing for comfort, or wanting to blend in, but FFS, don't give me shit for doing as I please. There's a lot to be said for a flannel shirt and well-worn jeans (not for me, but hey).

Sue said...

I want to come lie on your lawn in the sun and yell at people to get OFF!!! Layering is a specialty of mine, in fact I probably could get a degree or maybe just a certificate in layering. We are in our Autumn I think you call it Fall over your part of the world. But over here someone forgot to tell mother nature to turn the temperature down because it is still warm. Like today it is raining but it ain't cold so it is summer duds for another day!! Love your look and any stink eye looks smile at them with pity!!

Northern mum down South said...

Enjoy basking in the sun. Just watch out you don't start any fires with all that shimmeriness and sunlight.

Autumn said...

I love that dress. I'm with all of you in not caring a bit what the naysayers say. My coworkers wear a "uniform" of black/brown elastic waist slacks from Wally World mixed with maybe 3 different tops that they rotate all week. If they are comfortable with that fine, but I am the sunshine in my office, in all the colors of the (thrifted) rainbow! And I spend less than them :)

Janice said...

I have three lovely daughters each with their own fashion sense. I have lived through the crop tops of the early 90's which went up the bottom of their boobs to the safety pins all over the blue jeans. Not much offends me in the fashion world. With the exception of wearing pajamas in public.
If my clothes are clean and comfortable that is the best I hope to achieve. Someday soon, I might start taking a few fashion tips from you and throw a zinger or two out there and see what happens. Risky clothing options for me is wearing argyle socks with mary janes.....

Goody said...


Not just anyone can rock a pair of argyle socks. I say that in all seriousness. Respect!

I don't know that I have any fashion tips except to wear what makes you happy without worrying about what anyone thinks (including me). I know I look zany-it brings me joy, but that's obviously not going to be for everyone.

Jo said...

If you feel good, who cares what anybody else thinks! Personally I LOVE turquoise and bright pink together. :)

Goody said...

@ Jo


It took me a minute to put together your comment and profile photo, but then I couldn't stop laughing.

Goody said...

@ Autumn

I can remember when (more than twenty years ago)Walmart had the "better" cheap clothes.

Yes, bring that sunshine to the dreary. I mean, offices are somewhat horrible even in the best work environment-why anyone would deliberately make it worse is beyond me.

Eliza Brown said...

Your outfit is so cool!! I'm partial to a bit of 'bling' myself. People who look disapprovingly at how you dress are often the ones who wish they had the confidence to dress as they want to.