Sunday, April 20, 2014

Grab My Smelling Salts, I Feel a Rant A-Comin' On

Ahem, dearhearts and gentlepeople, the Midi-Ring is not a thing. It may be a trend to wear a smaller ring that does not quite sit as far down your finger as it should, but it is just that-a smaller ring that does not fit far down your finger.

I have no opinion as to the aesthetics of this look, but it does not require a special purchase of a ring made to not fit properly. We all have those in our collections-we call them pinky rings even if they did once fit (pre-childbirth) on the ring finger. So shove one of those on your fat little fingers and call it a day. There, I just saved you at least fifty bucks. You're welcome.

We're living Idiocracy. Yes, we really are.


Connie said...

My 23 year old daughter and her 25 year old cousin just went shopping and bought a couple of these little rings which delighted them to No End. I mentioned the same thing. Couldn't you just wear a pinky ring on a bigger finger? And they gave me that familiar "you are an old clueless hippie and this isn't the 70's any more" look. Sigh.

Eliza Brown said...

I couldn't agree more!

Goody said...

@ Connie and Eliza

Thank god it isn't just me.

Janice said...

It must be a rant kind of day. I had a little moment myself today.

Idiocracy...It has electrolytes.

pastcaring said...

I do like a rant, clears the passages and sets you up for the day.
Fashion; it's predicated on the fact that gullible folk can be sold stuff, by being told the stuff is cool and necessary to be In Fashion, and some of this stuff is just old stuff brought back again and worn in a different configuration. Or not. And the stuff is hilariously expensive.
But as Connie says, the young uns like it and think it's new and exciting and original. So a ring that doesn't fit? Of course it's ridiculous. And of course they'll buy it.
I feel better now. Thank you. xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Yup, idiocy all around us. At least we know better and spend spare change (!) on something useful.

Sue said...

Brilliant, you are brilliant, best rant ever!

Northern mum down South said...

Well, whatever next - you couldn't make it up!