Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meet Flora, The Gardenia

This was my anniversary present, a gardenia bush (tree?). It has a yellow bloom on it at the moment, and several buds ready to go, and it smells wonderful.
I've never seen yellow gardenias (only white) so this was a pleasant surprise. It can't live outside in our climate year round, but as soon as it warms a bit, the container can be moved to the patio. For the moment it is bunking with the other warmth-loving plants like the laurel and lime tree.

Here are the cuff-links I bought Mr. ETB. from Etsy seller Clammy's Closet They are embroidered on vintage tie material, and quite purple which the photo does not show. He liked them very much.
I'm rather excited at the prospect of having real gardenias to wear in my hair this summer.


Propagatrix said...

Lovely gardenia! (Keep watch for spider mites.)Happy Anniversary!

Sue said...

Oh I do love the perfume from Gardenia. We have a small white one in our garden. What a lovely anniversary gift that was.

Curtise said...

Gorgeous gardenia - I didn't know there were yellow ones either. And those cuff links are fabulous. xx