Sunday, April 06, 2014

More California Pottery

This beauty was scored on my trip to Lincoln yesterday. I know, "beauty" is subjective as many people can't stand the brown/green/orange look of California Originals from that era. Personally, I love it, but my collection is now starting to overtake my china cabinet. I need to work out a way to display these in all their mid-century glory.
 Unlike many pieces of pottery, these are functional. I'm sure this will see some use at our table.
I mean, come on! Look at that. I can't wait until the yard-sale season begins in earnest because you find plenty of un-loved pottery for sale at bargain prices. I paid $5.99 for this which was reasonable, but more than I like to fork over.

Mr. ETB by the way, does not share my love of drip-ware design, but has wisely opted to remain silent over my many purchases. Good man.


pastcaring said...

Always as well to stay quiet in the face of one's partner's unfathomable passions, so well done Mr ETB. I like the California pottery, it looks all 1960-70s earthy and rustic,
perfect for a bean stew or brown rice! With the lid on, the tureen looks a bit like a pie. Which is a compliment - I like pies! xxx

Goody said...

I enjoy making pies. A few years ago, I made a Gala pie for Mr. ETB to take to work. Got it so perfect that each slice had a hard-boiled egg. You'd think a vegetarian would have no business doing that, but I really found it an interesting thing to do with the hot water pastry, aspic, and all.

Yeah, it is begging for a brown rice and lentil stew.

Autumn said...

That's a beautiful casserole. I collect California pottery too, but mostly have the solid colors, blue, yellow, aqua and pink.

Propagatrix said...

All my California pottery is Pepto-pink (I use a three-tiered cookie stand to hold my girly dresser items, like Frownies and miniature Evening in Paris bottles).

Sue said...

TOF seldom comments on what I drag through the front door to use, wear or display. Such well trained or is that easy going hubbies we have!!