Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Sunday Best

No hat today, as it is (finally!) raining buckets. We really needed the rain, so no complaints here. We're off to (another) birding thing today (a two hour lecture...about birds) so I wanted to be comfortable if I got wet walking across campus to the lecture hall. Polyester wrings dry, making this the perfect suit for today. Plus, it looks so bitchin'.
No 1970's polyester suit would be complete without an owl. When I bought this one, the woman at the thrift store exclaimed, "I knew you'd buy that the minute I saw it come in." Well yeah. I should be embarrassed, but I'm kinda pleased.
Since it is a birding kind of weekend, I wore a second owl...just in case I need to prove my affinity for our feathered friends. Mr. ETB pointed out this would be the wrong crowd to tell I used to feed the feral cats on the farm to keep the swallows from nesting over our doorway.
The pants trousers are huge! I will likely take them in at some point, trying to retain a bit of the flare at the end. The jacket fits me reasonably well, but the bottom half is crazy.
I like a little room, but I halfway considered wearing braces to keep these up.
But then I thought better of it because they are so damn comfortable.
Outfit particulars:
Green polyester suit-Salvation Army, Lincoln, Nebraska
Black top-Alfred Dunner ( retail a good 20 + years ago)
Owl ring-K Mart
Owl Necklace-Hand-Me-Ups, Omaha
Earrings-retail, ages ago
Hair bows-grocery store purchase. They were labeled, "Little Girl". hrumph. Why should kids have all the good accessories?
Shoes- K-Mart
Macramé bag-Goodwill
Turquoise bracelet-Mum's
Hopi Ring-Mum's

I'm off to a lecture, and to play in the rain.


pastcaring said...

I'm catching up, Juniper, catching up...
(Yes, I have decided your parents named you after Jennifer Juniper, please don't disabuse me... Look, I'm called Curtise, for gawd's sake, really Curtis but my bonkers mother added the extra "e" to make it look like a girl's name. Which it clearly isn't.)
So - we have ongoing bird issues (not to mention near-miss shitting incidents), film reviews (Farenheit 451, might try that one here, but Seven Brides for Seven Brothers would get a poor reception, I feel), ill-fitting frocks sadly not rescued by red accessories, cool hair for cleaning, and shocking library closures.
And now there is a groovy suit, with enough room to accommodate you in one leg and Danny in the other. Fabulous! Love that owl necklace too.
That's better, I have acquainted myself with your goings on, and can rest easy. xxx

Goody said...

Oh dear, I hope you weren't too preoccupied with my activities on your trip. Which I hope was nice.

The bird lecture was dullll, but they loved Danny, and sent him home with a handmade birdhouse for helping out, which was really generous and sweet. It went three hours, but thankfully there were no live birds on hand, so I didn't have to flee. I did stop in the ladies room to piss (this was at the University) and someone had left their trousers sitting on the floor. Right there on the floor. It did make me wonder what these students are up to these days where they run about bare-bottomed. I never did any such thing.

It was fun seeing all the young people so earnest and ready to take on the world...before they understand what paying back the student loan entails. I mean, some of them almost looked (this is so strange)happy. Must have been the odd change of weather.

Nice to have you back, look forward to seeing photos from your weekend away.

Northern mum down South said...

Was just about to catch up (in reverse) on your recent goings on but Curtise has done a handy summary for me, thanks Curtise, cuts down on my blog reading time no end! Love the bird brooches and great your son got a birdhouse for helping out. I bet he was chuffed with that. I have been taking my son on university visits this year as he hopes to go in September and you can feel the hope and excitement in the air before any kind of reality kicks in - hope you picked up some of the happy vibes.