Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nut-Free Candy Find

Roaming the aisles at Hobby Lobby (as you do before Easter) I found large bags of Sixlets that were made in a nut-free facility.

And, (as you do) I bought five bags of them in assorted colours. They also had fish-shaped candies that remind me of Runts. We bought those as well.

I don't mind making candy at home, and not to boast, but I've become quite skilled at it-but at candy-centred holidays when everyone else (it seems, to a child) is getting colourful name-brand candy, it is a drag to be stuck with your high-end chocolates from the nut-free specialty stores, or the caramels your mother made (which we've already established, are in fact, really, totally, completely awesome). Tootsie products are nut-free as well, but there's only so many Tootsie rolls you can eat before making yourself sick whereas Sixlets can be consumed by the handful as they take less chewing effort than a Tootsie roll. You'll still get sick, but more efficiently.

So, if you're still looking for something to fill the plastic eggs for the hunt with that won't send the allergic kids into anaphylactic shock, these are an option. They're not cheap, but they come in every colour (and combination) you can imagine.

I'm not being compensated in any way by either Hobby Lobby or Oak Leaf brand candies. I can't speak for Oak Leaf, but I'm pretty sure I'm not Hobby Lobby's idea of a spokesperson.


Northern mum down South said...

Your sweets have funny sounding names, Sixlets and Runts. Waiting up for a phone call to pick up my son from trip to cinema so have time to follow your weblink plus google 'Runts' as I couldn't believe that was a real name for sweets.

Goody said...

It is a real name...because they're tiny.

Anyway, yeah we have some great names for sweets-Nerds, Zagnut Bars, WhatchamaUnitedcalit, Jolly Rancher (not Roger), and Atomic Fireballs (cinnamon) are a few that come to mind.

But you guys have Wine Gums, which would never, ever fly in the United States (they'd say it encourages alcoholism in children). People would freak out if they saw those.

pastcaring said...

"Now I fill your hands with kisses, and a tootsie roll." Ahhh, love that song, it sounds so romantic, even if too many would make you sick (kisses or tootsie rolls, take your pick.) It's true, names for sweets which are as familiar as breathing to you sound exotic or funny to us Brits. Wine gums wouldn't be allowed then? Did you have sweet cigarettes in the States when you were a kid? Little white sticks of hard candy with red ends, which yes, I did indeed pretend to smoke when I was little. They naturally got rebranded as sweet sticks, or something like that...
Anyway, I'm glad Danny gets to indulge at Easter same as all the other kids! We don't make much fuss of Easter - one Easter egg each, and that's our kids done. I am astonished at the lengths some people go to for Easter, with elaborate egg hunts and decorations and huge quantities of sweets and chocolate. My poor kids are clearly deprived!
They'll survive. xxxx

Goody said...

The candy cigs have been gone for decades, but I remember them. They tasted like chalk.

Yes, your children will survive without tons of foil wrapped chocolate. We don't do that much either. The egg hunts are dangerous free-for-alls, and our local one puts bottles of soda in a field for the children to race after. *shrug* I assume it is a Nebraska thing I don't comprehend not being "from here."