Saturday, April 12, 2014

Red, White, and Making Me Blue

This blouse and skirt are destined for the bin. I love the sailboat print, but it hands-down the most unflattering thing I own. This was a first wear, and last. There are enough thrift stores filled with clothes I'll enjoy wearing, so I'm not giving my energy to wearing something that I don't. Life is too short to wear ill-fitting sacks.

Something about the cut of the sleeve, and the shapeless way it fits across the chest manages to enhance what I've got-but not in a nice way. The skirt has terrible pleats at the top, and useless pockets at the side that just bunch-up adding several inches to my waist. If I'm going to add inches to my waist, I can do that with ice cream-I don't need Pendelton to do it for me. This is a newer Pendelton, and boy does it show. The older clothes were tailored to avoid wonky pockets and floppy sleeves. I paid $3.99 for it, but if I'd bought it retail for upwards of $100.00 I'd be angry.
Even a bright red belt couldn't save this outfit. Look at those sleeves-that would be terrible on anyone, much less someone with arms the size of a ham.

But let's not dwell on poorly constructed clothing (ahem, that's you  new Pendelton made in China) rather let's have a look at the real star of today's trip to the woods..., not him though he's clearly a star in his own right. I'm talking about someone with more feathers...
This Great Horned owl was well behaved. I wish I could say as much for the Red-Tailed hawk that nearly shat on me (I mean, missed by a fraction of an inch). Did you know Red Tailed hawks can projectile shit ? Well you do now. There, see how informative this blog is?

Outfit Particulars:

Pendelton shirt and skirt-Thrifted
Red belt-Thrift World
Red shoes-Thrift World
Red Necklace-Goodwill
Hair Flowers-Tif and Tam
Bangles-assorted thrift stores
Earrings-World Market

Know what poorly made clothing can do?


Sue said...

Shame about the frock but the bright red accessories were brilliant. Totally agree on getting rid of things that don't do it for you. I to would prefer ice cream to ill fitting shit clothes. You had me laughing about projectile shitting birds!!

Goody said...

I don't know what I would have done if that hawk had shat me! I like to think I would have held it together, and went to wash it off, but if I'm being honest, I think I would have freaked out something awful. Phew, close call.