Friday, April 04, 2014

Rockin Robin

Thanks everyone for your kind words about Danny. He's handling everything well, and as predicted, slept most of the day. I'm planning to take him out of town tomorrow for a weather symposium in Lincoln, so hopefully he'll feel well enough to go. What to wear, what to wear? I'll have to work on that tonight.
Let's have a look at those robins.
She sat perched, staring into the house until I brought more raisins. Later, after the raisins were gone, I found her peering through the window again, looking for second helpings.

"Look, lady...I'm not stupid. I know the expression, "bird brained", but even my itty bitty brain knows that is not a bird. Birds don't smell of vanilla. Give me some credit, OK?'
Don't worry, I gave her water, not tea. She was annoyed with the chick once she figured out it wasn't real. After everyone suggested it, I tried to get a photo of her drinking from the cup. I'm afraid she wouldn't cooperate, but it still makes for a cute photograph.
And here comes dad. He wouldn't drink from a cup either, though they both looked it over pretty well.

They've managed to chase off all the other birds, these two. I'm confident there's a nest in the nearby trees, and I hope we'll soon be watching baby robins bouncing about.

I need this weekend, bad.


Sue said...

Glad your son is recovering. I remember as a child not coping with the change of seasons and wheezing a way. Glad to say I grew out of it, so fingers crossed for your boy. I applaud you on home schooling, I think that is amazing and must be great. Hope your weekend is lovely, and the Robins enjoy the treats you put out.

Northern mum down South said...

Just catching up with you, glad your son is okay and a day resting and sleeping will have done him good. Great photos of the birds, lovely to see them so close. Very therapeutic watching wildlife - especially from the comfort of your armchair with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Enjoy your weekend x

pastcaring said...

Good to know that Danny is rested and feeling a little better.
Also good to see Mr and Mrs Robin popping in for tea and biscuits. Or at least raisins. It will be great if there are baby robins too! xxx