Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Seasonal Clothing For Unseasonable Weather

I may have the furnace running, but that's no reason to dress like it is still winter. The sun is out, cold as it is, and I couldn't resist wearing this bright dress and jacket.

I bought the set last winter, and have been waiting ever so patiently for the point where a suit trimmed with white ribbon wouldn't look absurd. I finally accepted that point may never arrive, so off the hanger it came.
I mean, I could get hit by a car walking out my door, and I'd be there on the ground thinking, "Shit, I never wore that dress" whilst the paramedics rummage through my handbag to see if I have insurance.
Gives new meaning to, "Killer Outfit."
I once again removed the shoulder pads, because the padding in the jacket was more than adequate for my needs. Looking at the photo, I can see where it might give the shoulder a bit more shape, but not enough to counteract the appearance of double padding. I've got plenty of padding myself, thanks very much. I was lucky to find this set with the belt. Most of the time when I do find a belt, it is in terrible condition, so this was really a lucky break. I'd never find a blue to match (though white would work, I guess).
In fact, I feel so full of spring-like optimism I'm taking the kid to the garden centre today. I'll let him purchase a few more hardy plants (because feelings aside, I'm a realist when it comes to a hard freeze) though not too many because next weekend is the Spring Affair in Lincoln put on by the Lancaster County Extension service. That's where my best plants come from. If you can get to Lincoln next Saturday, do it. If you're a local and want to do coffee or something, drop me an email. I know a trip to Ben Franklin is in order as well because I need embroidery supplies.

Outfit Particulars:

Henry Lee Petites dress and jacket (80's I'd guess)-New Life Thrift
Marvella Necklace-Thrifted
Earrings-Clearence at K Mart last year
Flower-Tif and Tam
Lippy-Revlon Love That Pink (I use it as a rouge as well)

Tomorrow is my anniversary. We have been married thirteen years, and together twenty-one. Thirteen is the "cloth" anniversary so I bought Mr. ETB some cloth covered cuff links (he doesn't read the blog) that were hand embroidered by a lovely seller on Etsy. That seems nice, but not quite enough so I may monogram one of his shirts today before he's home to notice. I know it is more traditional to monogram the pocket, but I think he would prefer it on the cuff. I haven't seen a man wear a monogramed shirt in years, so I have nothing to compare to. Anyway, I'll do that and cook him a couple lamb chops (because that's one of his favourites) and try not to burn them (I've been vegetarian since the early 80's, so while I don't mind cooking meat, I'm not terribly experienced with it).

On an unrelated but happy note, the pods have nearly all burst on the tree in back of the house, so maybe, just maybe the pollens are done doing their thing, and Danny's life can get back to normal. Keep your fingers crossed for us.


Sue said...

Oh you do make me laugh with your story about your killer dress!! It is true tho, we wait for the right time to wear something, and sometimes there never is the right time, so lets wear whatever the hell we want when we want!

pastcaring said...

Happy anniversary. A marriage improved by the ant-snoring device, no doubt!
At first glance, the suits looks late 1950s-early 1960s, but then you mentioned the shoulder pads. They are a giveaway, aren't they? I love finding original belts in good condition too, small pleasures...
So it's a great outfit, and you don't need any special occasion to wear a great outfit. My mate Vix says (to quote her granny) that if you buy the outfit, the occasion will present itself; or, just wear it anyway and continue not giving a rat's ass! xxx

Northern mum down South said...

Hope the monograming worked out well and you had a lovely anniversary. I love the outfit, great colour.