Sunday, April 13, 2014


7 AM. I sent Mr. ETB out to snap the photo because there was no way I was going outside in 28 degree weather wearing a dressing gown. Believe it or not, the tulips will likely snap back. We're expected to get into the low 40's today (above freezing anyway) so the snow should be short lived on this south-facing side of the house. The tumble dryer also vents out this way, which keeps the ground nice and warm for plants. We had a flock of Great Tailed Grackles attack our feeder this morning-I don't want to read too much into a bird's body language, but they looked seriously angry as they kicked the snow from the platform to get at the raisins and bread.

It is snowing! Yes, I am tired of the stuff by now but there's something about fluffy snow settling on tulips. I think they'll be fine (along with the peas, spring onions, and spinach starting to emerge) and likely thankful for the moisture Today was such an oddity with all the rain-I can't remember the last time I needed an umbrella. Honestly, I can't.

I'm afraid this won't be the last of it either, as we're set for another round by mid-week. Still, I know it won't require much to remove it from my car and walkway, and it really does look pretty this far into spring. The poor Easter Bunny may need a snowsuit this year, but he always looks like he's wearing a snowsuit, doesn't he?

I do wish I'd not packed away the bulk of our warm clothing (duh) but a light jacket over a couple layers solves most problems. In the past week I've run both the air conditioning (when it was 85 degrees F.) and the heat-neither of which I should be using at this time of year. It does pain my frugal heart to do it, but the overnights are just too cold as we have neither a wood stove nor fireplaces. The townhouse was built in '68, and they just weren't concerned with energy efficiency at that point.

I've heard that cold weather (snow, frost) makes spinach sweeter-so I'm expecting a delightfully sugary crop this year.


Sue said...

What? No photos of the snow?? You must take pictures, we never get snow where I live so I think it is exciting. I have only been in snow when I was a kid and that was like 100 years ago!!

Goody said...

If it is still there in the AM I'll snap a photo ;)

Helga! said...

Ugh, snow!!!! Super pretty, but the aftermath is hideous! Let me pray to the sunshine gods to come and melt it all away in a hurry!

pastcaring said...

Oh no, I wouldn't like snow in April; we had a big snowfall in March last year and that seemed late enough! Hope the veggies survive. Stay warm. xxx

Goody said...

@ Helga

I can't wait to hear about Helgastock.

The ice turned out to be serious during the AM commute. They were closing off streets and letting cars pass one at a time (down a steep hill)for fear of multiple crashes. Took people hours for a twenty minute commute. It is late in the season, and the city was caught off guard (so sand trucks, etc.) By the afternoon, it was gone. I hope your sunshine gods stick around a bit longer, I don't believe we're through.

Sue said...

Thank you for the snow photo, next time I want you lying in it doing a snow angel thing!!