Friday, April 18, 2014

Somebunny is All Out of Eggs

Frankly, I'm enjoying the hell out of the menopause. I would have been too self-conscious to wear bunny ears when I was young.
The ears were quite a hit at the library. I would have checked out Harvey if they had it (they didn't) which might have gotten a laugh out of the librarian.

Wehit a few thrift stores, and I came upon the best trove of vintage hats (and hatboxes) I've seen in a while. Danny has a new 50's (possibly late 40's) fedora to enjoy. He's more of a flat-cap guy, but this one appealed to him. A fedora is OK on a youngster. On old men, it just makes them look like William S. Burroughs. Experts are always on about, "Teachable moments" when you're supposed to use an opportunity to teach your kids about something so here goes my William S. Burroughs teachable moment:
Don't take heroin, and don't play William Tell with your wife.

Parenting-a full time job. They're always learning those little ones, aren't they? Next week, Philip Larkin.

Right, so you want the details, dontcha?

Vintage polyester handmade dress-Salvation Army, Lincoln,Nebraska
Shoes-Still in "Gaymode"
Bracelets-various places, thrifted
Earrings-World Market
Yellow Jacket-Goodwill, Council Bluffs, IA
1960's belt-Thrift World, Millard
Bunny Ears-Walgreen's a couple years ago

I'm going to spend the holiday weekend figuring out how to use thetripod and camera timer, but I suspect you'll miss the photos in the dirty mirror (it is the best lighting in the house). We'll see.

Yeah, this bunny hasn't a single egg left. What a relief.



pastcaring said...

When I was puzzling over Nina's Easter costume (which ended up as a lame bonnet rather than the loincloth and cardboard cross, as you know), a Facebook friend suggested bunny ears and a cotton wool tail. Because nothing says Good Friday like an 8 year old in an Easter Bunny Girl costume.
Yes, I just thought of that cos of your ears. Really, if you had put in a bit of effort, Juniper, you could have found a corset and a tail, surely?
As it is, I am more than happy to make do with that fab frock. When you've done with it, I'll take it off your hands, OK?
Tripod, and timer? Steady on! Looking forward to the results. You can still include the hot water bottle as a transitional object.
Ahh, they fuck you up, your mum and dad. Ain't that the truth, Phil... xxxx

Goody said...

Yeah, unless it was worn with one-piece footed pajamas, or something *really* unsexy, putting girls in bunny ears is unfortunately too charged now thanks to the magazines. I didn't weara a corset, but I had gigantic bright blue undies on in case of a sudden gust. I figure if you're gonna flash everyone, might as well make it good.

Sue said...

First thing I noticed was the non appearance of the hotty bottle!! Jokes! If you want to wear your bunny ears then you wear them. I had angel wings once but I lost them, or they may well have been taken off me. I love your last photo, hand signals are always the best way to communicate effectively.

Connie said...

A William Burroughs life lesson given by a mom wearing bunny ears. I'm pretty certain that your little Danny will turn out waaay better than the average kid. I'm not being sarcastic. I really mean it! Philip Larkin. That's going to be a long lesson. So excited for your tripod though there's nothing like a bathroom mirror selfie.

Joanna said...

Bwhaha, love the last comment on your post. Who knew polyester could look so glam? Love your look, bunny ears and all:)) Happy Easter!

Goody said...

Happy Easter kids, it was tasty the way the Gimp delivered those eggs...

That's as Burroughs-esque as my writing gets.