Saturday, April 26, 2014

You Put the Turd Into Saturday

Hey, I earned it.

I'll just say that it is nice to finally have all my hard work acknowledged.

In other news,
Go Big Red. An elderly woman walked past, and told me I had the perfect Nebraska outfit on today (the University of Nebraska's football team colours are red and white).
It is a bit early for white, but it was such a summery sort of day, I couldn't resist. Unfortunately it will be short lived as we are under all sorts of storm warnings for this evening. I bought a tray of plants at the Spring Affair in Lincoln, but I don't dare leave them outside tonight.
All roads eventually lead to the "best red wall in Omaha", because we had stuff reserved at the library. That drive between Lincoln and Omaha is killer. I feel like I could sleep for the next day and a half-and I wasn't the one driving! We did stop at the thrift store in Lincoln again because we found such great stuff last time-once again, I was not disappointed. Yes, there's California pottery in the finds.

Outfit Particulars:
Blue Nelly Don 1970's Jacket-Thrift World
Red 1970's blouse-Thrift World
Necklaces-Assorted thrift stores
Bangles-Assorted thrift stores
Pleated skirt-Goodwill
Earrings-Can't remember
1940's Naturalizer shoes-Thrifted

It is simply amazing how many people will stare at me like I just dropped in from planet weirdo when I do these poses in the lobby of the library. I mean, have you never posed for a photograph? What part of a "Polyester Clad Goddess" do you not get? Beige? Natural fibres?  Get it the hell away from me!
Look what I found!
I hope he doesn't bite.
Have some fun this weekend, and if anyone doesn't like it...
Give 'em a tin of prune juice and an award, because they're likely constipated.
Who put the turd into Saturday?


Northern mum down South said...

I want your embroidered butterfly bag. It is big enough to put useful stuff in yet also glamorous. Plus it goes with my newly decorated coat.
You are like a moth to a flame with that library wall - good to hear the California pottery thrift gods were smiling on you today. . .

pastcaring said...

Oh Polyester Clad Goddess, you put the tit in attitude!
Love the red, white and blue (it took me a while to get over the patriotic overtones of this particular combination, but I got there in the end) and the butterfly bag is a beauty. Of course you have to pose against the Red Wall, it's obligatory.
Please show us what you found at the thrift store.
Now put down the prune juice and get out of that toilet! xxxx

Sue said...

Hope you didn't walk out of the loo with your skirt tucked into your knickers!! Happened to my sister once, was hilarious!! Let the beige and boring stare at you posing, their lives obviously suck!! The butterfly bag is amazing, and a fine size too.

Goody said...

@ Sue

That's horrifying. I had something similar happen where I was standing in line at the airport with a rucksack over one shoulder. It had accidentally hiked up my dress. Another woman took mercy on me and pulled it down.

Goody said...

@ Curtise

I used to worry about looking like a nationalistic idiot, but then I figured the red/white/blue theme is on so many flags it didn't matter. I worry more about looking like a football supporter.

Goody said...

About the purse:

I was really upset when it arrived (etsy purchase) because it was not as represented, badly shipped, major flaws, etc.

The butterflies are satin appliques that have been glued onto the vinyl. The flowers are painted and then have flocked hat making material on them.

I would have loved this bag for $5.00 at a yard sale, but for what I spent, the condition flaws should have ben noted. That's the gamble with etsy, I guess.