Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Dress That Looks Like Holly Hobby Threw-Up On Me

And she was all hepped-up on chamomile tea. That Holly Hobby (or maybe it was Sun Bonnet Sue?) she sure was everywhere in the mid-70's, including the sewing room of the person that made this dress.

She probably listened to John Denver records whilst sewing. "Country roads, take me home to the place, I belong..."
Holly Hobby forgot to sew in darts, so it is a bit shapeless up top. I don't think anyone noticed, they were too stunned by the pattern.
It was hot and humid today. This is just about the perfect dress for our weather, though I had to be a bit more ladylike than usual getting out of the car. I wore especially nice undies-just in case I flashed anyone.
Outfit Particulars:
Home sewn dress-Thrift World
Shoes-K Mart
Earrings-K Mart

I'm going to do a big harvest of basil from the garden for pesto tonight. I have some early garlic ready to harvest as well (it is a completely different vegetable if used before hanging to cure for a week or so. Very mild, and almost milky it makes for some interesting early spring meals. I'm not sure it would stand up to basil in a pesto. We'll see.


Unknown said...

It's weird seeing you without your bangles but that dress is busy enough to take bare arms and you can still find the perfect necklace - which you did. Funnily enough, I saw a Holly Hobbie plate in the charity shop today - I need a new gravy boat though not any more plates so it didn't come home with me.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You'd be well advised to wear a necklace made from your garlic when you're wearing that spectacular frock. I'm having a rather unfortunate incident here, a case of turning green with envy, perhaps the same shade as your pesto? Oh lord those beads with the frock!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I love the outfit: dress, beans and all the other fruity accoutrements. And who better to throw up on you; Holly Hobbie's barf would be full of sugar 'n' spice and everything nice and it would smell of fresh pie and muffins.

Connie said...

Your foot up on the br counter might be one of my favorite photos ever! You are beautiful in this dress which was just my style back in the day. I often think that if tattoos had been the thing when I was in high school I would have gotten a Hollie Hobby tat.

Goody said...

@Jayne-Oh dear, I had no idea Holly H was exported abroad. On behalf of all Americans alive in the 70's, I am so, so sorry we sent you that.

@Connie-well, never too late is it? A Holly Hobby tattoo would be one hell of a conversation starter. You know, I got a tattoo when I was 17, and it was *so not for nice girls* which I suspect was the appeal. I've never regretted it (though everyone insisted I would)though in hindsight the waist was a really dumb location. It looked interesting when I was pregnant!

Goody said...

I only do the leg on the vanity pose to prove to myself I still can. I recently discovered I can do push-ups (the exercise, not the bra)as well. Arthritis be damned.

Sue said...

I had a Holly Hobby bag when I was about 10. I can remember how I just had to own something Holly Hobby or I may well have died! Tragic 10 years old girl.

Curtise said...

Yes, we had the whole Holly Hobby craze over here in the 1970s. In fact, my daughter has a HH quilt cover which I found at a car boot sale. I am loving the print on that dress, all the colours and little flowers and the faux patchworky goodness of it. It's great! I second your suggestion to Connie to go get that tattoo! xxx