Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Picnic in the Car is Still a Picnic

A long holiday weekend almost demands a picnic, even if the weather refuses to cooperate and the sandwiches are eaten in the car (which is what happened). Even so, I wanted to be dressed for the occasion, and this vintage Pendelton skirt screams, "picnic" louder than anything I own.  Of course all roads lead to the library (Saturday puppet show) and the Best Red Wall in Omaha.
I got the stink-eye from a woman walking past as we snapped photos. I wanted to scream after her, "Sorry, I didn't know he was your husband!" I mean, I can't imagine any other circumstance that would merit that angry of a stare. Maybe I remind her of someone that slept with her husband. Shit, I don't sleep with my own husband, why the hell would I sleep with yours? Sheesh.
The picnic sandwiches were especially nice though. Oatmeal bread buns, cheddar cheese, fakin' bacon bits, tomato, butter, mustard-I do know how to make sandwiches. Shame about the weather.
I got out of the nan tights for a change, and into a pair of bobby socks. Talk about the other end of the range. I really do put pennies in my penny loafers-that's the point, right? This seems to be a great source of amusement for people, but really why else would it have a place for a penny if you weren't expected to stick one there? Do they call them, "Blank space loafers?" No, they do not. I have always put a penny dated from the year I purchase my loafers in, so I can remember when I bought them. These were 2004. See, I've got a system for this stuff.
This is "Cream" the gerbil. She lives at the library. The other gerbil is named "Cookies." Mrs. Marvel the librarian (that's really her name) gave Danny a piece of cardboard to feed the little rodent, and it went wild chomping away like it was the most delicious treat in the world. They're too close to mice for my liking (had enough of those on the farm, thanks very much) but Danny is pretty fascinated by them.
They look so innocent, but they bite! They're eating all that cardboard, wood, and plastic to sharpen their teeth. Look what she's done to that thick cardboard tube in the cage. I'm more of a wombat person myself.
I do enjoy these weekend trips to the library. There's always something going on there, and the staff are terrific. I don't get much occasion in my day-to-day life to interact with people that really love their jobs, so the weekly library trip reminds me that not everyone I encounter is miserable. Hell, I just enjoy being around people that pick up a book and read once in a while.

Outfit Particulars:

Vintage Pendelton linen skirt-Goodwill $3.59 (score!)
Belt-Thrift World
Cardigan-Can't remember, quite old
Peasant top-K Mart
Bass loafers-retail, 2004
Earrings-Liz Claiborne, bought about 10 years ago
Vintage handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage enamel pin-Hand-Me-Ups

All right, put up your feet and relax. We watched Bed Knobs and Broomsticks last evening (Danny really enjoyed it, and I love more with each viewing) and tonight we have The Incredible Shrinking Man, and a Pete Seeger documentary.

Perhaps tomorrow the weather will be more picnic appropriate. Have a great weekend!


Sue said...

We went to the beach for a picnic last year and ended up having it in the car. I quite liked it. We watched the waves while we feasted on our picnic grub!! LOVE the bobby socks and loafers, and in fact the entire picnic outfit. You and your red wall, the best back drop even if you do get the stink eye!!

pastcaring said...

I'm back, I'm catching up, and I just need to say that your mum's Fuck You glasses are magnificent, thanks for the mention, and excellent pattern mixing. And your mother/grandmother/great aunt/housekeeper channeling was superb.
On to today - lovely! What a great skirt. No idea what The Look was all about, you look fabulous against the red wall. Some people just don't get it...
Haven't seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks since I went the cinema to see it as a kid - "bobbing along, bobbing along". Memories. xxx

Northern mum down South said...

Love the fact your librarian is called Mrs Marvel and I think we should keep animals in our libraries here, I have never seen an animal in a library here. Last time I saw an animal whilst out and about was a goldfish at the opticians but that didn't give a homely feel to the place in the same way. Great skirt and blouse combo and you always do the details so well.

Joanna said...

I wonder why anyone would be so rude as to give you a nasty look. What is it with people nowadays? You know I do notice when I am driving people are much more impatient and rude. I'm sorry you had to deal with a rude lady like this but you have the best attitude about it. You always get me going with my memories. I remember one time I was in a Costco parking lot when my son was a few months old and this lady was watching me from her car. I put the cart close to my car (and not 10 cars over in a cart rack). The lady gets out of her car and tells me how I should be ashamed of myself not putting my cart back and goes on and on very mean and rude. I was so shocked I couldn't say anything. It was like doesn't she have anything better to do then police a parking lot looking for people who don't put their carts back? What a weird experience. What did she expect me to do lug one of those heavy a$$ car seats with my son in to return a cart…think not. LOL…always enjoy your blog posts:)

Goody said...


You can be sure if you'd just buckled your son in, and then went a few yards to return the cart she would have flagged down a copper to have you arrested for neglect.

Goody said...


We have several colourfully named librarians (there's an Aura, and a Doe as well). Most of the branches have some sort of pet (lizard, snake, etc.). This branch previously had fish, but children kept sticking things in the tank (pennies, pencils)and the fish kept dying-so they went for gerbils.

Helga said...

Totally frigging gorgeous!!! No wonder you got stink eye!!!
I have a love'hate thing with picnics. I'm easily irritated, and wind, or crap getting into my food, or annoying people in the vicinity can ruin a picnic for me, amongst many other things........