Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Roomy Romper

It is hot and muggy today. Thank goodness for a large municipal spraying fountain to keep us cool. The mist was lovely. I may just park myself here for the remainder of summer.
The large frisky squirrel asked if I'd like to play with his nuts. *Shrug* OK, I guess so.
There were Purple Martins in houses that look like the Satellite Hotel in Omaha.

The fountain  has been recently restored, and this is the first weekend it has been back in use.
There's a gazebo that looks like peacock feathers
Which adds to the overall charm of the park. But no trip to Council Bluffs would be complete without a stop at the Union Pacific railroad museum.

 Why yes, I WILL vote for you!


 The exhibit talks. Some small child, he was perhaps five at most, strolled directly up to the conductor figure and dramatically flipped him off. Then, he strode off clearly pleased with himself. It was hilarious.

Danny didn't flip anyone off-that's MY job.

Outfit Particulars:

Yellow seersucker vintage playsuit-Hand-Me-Ups
Shoes- K Mart
Hair Flowers-Tiff and Tam
Earrings-K Mart
Vintage Palm Tree pin-Hand-Me-Ups
Handbag-can't remember. When Danny was little he used it to carry his blocks around. I just got it back when we moved.

 We came home to the most beautiful bloom on the gardenia. Most of the buds have been knocked off by sparrows trying to sit in the branches.
It was a beautiful day...and that's no bull (it isn't. You can clearly see udders). I wouldn't steer you wrong. I'll get my hat.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


Connie said...

A Romper!! Wow! Did you ever see Romper Room? No. You're too young. Gosh I love the way you are romping around in these. Danny is just too cute.

Goody said...

Unfortunately, I AM old enough to remember Romper Room . "Do be a good bee!" I was trying to explain it to my husband who spent most of the 60's living in Germany, and when I finally showed him a YouTube video he was speechless. The show ran a long time, and you can see Miss Whatshername's hair go from a Jackie Kennedy bouffant to a early 70's hot roller wave set.

Having seen what passes for Children's picture books in Germany (because my SIL sent Danny a copy of Streuweltpeter)I think I had a better childhood (with respect to entertainment)than my poor husband.

Joanna said...

Good thing to get out there and enjoy the moments. I actually quite like the picture with you and the squirrel. My daughter asked me what I was laughing at. I think you should make a coffee table book of all your "flip offs" lol. It's so funny because it reminds me a little of the infamous photograph of the granny with the cigarette dangling from her mouth with the young kid on her lap in a photo booth. Do they have photo booths around where you live? They are hard to find where I live. Next time I'm around one I'll have to make an effort to see if I can make some pictures. I loved to do this as a child. See, I am quite rambling on your blog. A big flip off back at ya:)))

Goody said...

You are welcome to ramble here as much as you like (I don't think you're really rambling, BTW).

I haven't seen a photo booth in ages, but you reminded me that I recently found some old photo strips-I'll have to post them.

Autumn said...

What a stunning park! I wouldn't mind parking myself there for the summer too.
I love the romper. I have a pattern for one, but I've never found them very comfortable for some reason. Love them on others, can't stand to wear them.
Happy summer!

Goody said...


They would be much easier to wear if like the children's version they had snaps at the bottom. It would solve a lot of toilet issues.