Thursday, May 22, 2014

Can't Get There From Here

Wook at da widdle baby wombat. Ooos mummy's widdle baby? Peek-a-boo.

Let's all have a nice moment of relaxation looking at Orson the wombat. Go on, I'll wait.

Better? Me too! I just spent two hours navigating closed lanes, broken traffic signals, and construction. I finally got where I was going to find it closed, as the power was out. I did what anyone would do-I hit the Goodwill for a bit of thrifting (successful). Then, I hugged the wombat. And grabbed a dish of ice cream.

I suspect a good deal of the chaos is people trying to get the jump on tomorrow's traffic by getting out of town early for the Memorial Day holiday. Why the city chose a busy holiday weekend to tear up one of the most heavily traveled intersections in the city, I don't know. Really, it couldn't wait until the middle of next week? Jeepers.
Fortunately, I can walk to the library and the grocer which are the only places I might need to go over the next few days, so I'm leaving the car at home and hoofing it like a proper city dweller. My plans for the weekend consist primarily of sleeping. That's my idea of a holiday.

By now you've noticed my black and white get-up for today. I was taking a page from Curtise's style book and tried mixing patterns. I think it worked. Mr. ETB was fooled into thinking it was a dress. I never would have mixed stripes with the design on the skirt on my own. I learn so much from other bloggers.

 I acquired a few new greys driving around Omaha today. Wow, I should not photograph the back of my head. What I can't see is best left alone. I don't look that grey from the front.

Before I get to the outfit particulars, I wanted to show you my next potential pair of frames. I've resisted having them set for myself as they were Mum's, but after more than two decades I've come to the conclusion it wouldn't be all that different from wearing her rings, necklaces, and hats. I don't look anything at all like her, so it isn't as though I'll be freaking myself out with each look in the mirror. If anything, I feel it would be kind of a nice thing to do. My intent is to have transitions lenses in them so I can use them indoors or out rather than getting the heavy tint my mother favoured. The really frightening thing is that the lens prescription isn't all that far off rom mine! I could almost use them as-is, except that I prefer a tri-focal.
I admit, when she came home with these in the 80's I was stunned speechless. "She's a rapper now?" I wondered. They were so big, and so flashy, I just cringed every time I had to look at them. My mother was a really beautiful woman, and I just couldn't understand the desire to wear these gigantic spectacles. That was then. Now that I'm the age she was when they were purchased, I get it. Large field of vision! Hides every single wrinkle above the cheekbones. These are the ultimate barrier-wear these and you don't really need to engage someone you don't care to. I wore them for five minutes and realised what a retreat they can be, whilst still being quite obvious. Marvelous, really. It took me twenty five years, but I finally get it. These are, Fuck You specs.
That said, I have a much smaller head than my mother did. Literally, I'm not talking about self-confidence, I mean she had a big head. I don't have a big head, and I'm slightly concerned that I'm going to look like an insect in these. Perhaps they will be better without the tint, and being adjusted a bit higher on my nose. Anyway, these will likely be my spare-specs, and I'll have either the gold or the black vintage frames re-set for everyday. I like options.

You won't hurt my feelings (because I'll do whatever the hell I feel like anyway) and your opinions are welcome.

Outfit Particulars:

Top-Retail maybe fifteen years ago?
Skirt-Thrifted, Goodwill
Jacket-ancient, from Dots when I lived in Boston
Bracelets-thrifted here and there
Lippy-Loreal British Red
Hair bow-Mum's
Grey Hair-provided by Nebraska Department of Roads-Thanks a lot!

Orson the wombat is wearing the cutest little vintage headscarf I found at Hand-Me-Ups. Got a green one too.

Well, I'm going to enjoy not driving anywhere tonight, and this delicious dish of vanilla ice cream I made myself. Ahhhhhh.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Love the skirt. I have a similar one. (And I don't need to tell you that I don't wear it because I look rather like a sausage with it on, do I? But just in case you were worried about both of showing up at the same time in similar clothes; ya know -- it won't happen for 10-15 lb.)

Goody said...

I'm sure you don't (look like a sausage). At any rate, if we did turn up in the same outfit, it would just demonstrate how great minds think alike (or that we shop the same thrift stores).

Joanna said...

Greetings to Mr. Wombat. Does he have a name?

I really like the striped neck on your dress. I bet your mum would be so proud to know you are using her specs:) My mum doesn't really have much from her younger days. She did give me a silver charm bracelet probably from the 60s. This is about it. I remember my grandmother having those trademark granny purses and I quite liked them as a child. I recall one in particular had seashells inside a plastic pouch on the outside. Also, remember the cigarette cases. My grannies both liked to smoke.

Goody said...


We call him, Orson. Because he's tubby, cranky looking, and will sell no wine before its time.

Cigarette cases, Yes! I have a rather nice one of my mother's, but it is the vinyl ones with the snap closures I really miss. You never see those in thrift stores-I wonder if they just refuse to take smoking related items? It seems so rare to even find bits of tobacco in old handbags. I suspect it would be more PC to shoot heroin than smoke these days.

You just reminded me of those plastic shopping bags everyone's granny would carry. You know, the great big floral designs on clear plastic? Oh no...I think I need to go have a look on Etsy. I feel a nostalgia-binge a-comin'.

Goody said...

Look, I found one!

I'm going to resist buying it.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I figure my ass doesn't exist because I don't see it. It doesn't count that other people can. Same goes for grey hairs and my unkempt eyebrows. Nup, not there. My if I'm wearing awesome earrings and a giant bow, then yes, hellooooooo people! I fecking LOVE your striped scarf-y thingo with that gorgeous skirt!!! You have proven that road crews, or rather the people who book their jobs, have no sense. Or cars. Have a fab weekend love! xoxoxo

Sue said...

Orson is pretty cute, no wonder you spend time with him!! Another fabulous outfit miss clever pants. Hope you have a nice old weekend, we have a storm predicted, yay!