Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hav(ana) A Cigar

No? Well let's see you work Pink Floyd and Cuba into a post title then. I was going to go with 1,000 Fearful Words for Fidel Castro, but I couldn't find the damn book in my unorganised library, and it is nowhere to be found on-line. Why does the internet hate Ferlinghetti?
But Fidel didn't wear a guayabera, he wore fatigues, and I look right shit in olive.

So this shirt is a fancy example of the style, but it was love at first sight. I have no idea if it is vintage, or something still being made in Cuba because Americans haven't been able to travel there since the 60's. The tag is in Spanish, so at least I know it wasn't made in China.

With buttons at the side and back, the shirts are cool and comfortable. Today was on the humid side, and the wind just flowed through the wide sleeves and side vents. This is a men's shirt, there's no way around that so I wore it with a pencil skirt and heels. I think it came together nicely.
I only had a few errands to run this morning, but I still like to dress. Sure, I could run out in shorts and a tee shirt, but I wouldn't be as comfortable. Pulling on a skirt and top isn't nearly as much work as fiddling with the right shirt to go with the right shorts, etc. I couldn't do sportswear if my life depended on it. I just can't.
Outfit Particulars:

Guayabera shirt-Thrift World, Millard
Blue tank-Filene's 25 years ago
Marvella beads-Thrifted
White bracelets-K Mart
Denim pencil skirt-K Mart
Shoes-Vintage Naturalizer
Belt-FALLING APART! This is my last navy belt, I'm screwed if it goes.

I'd like to point out that all but the slimmest will have stomach issues with a pencil skirt (particularly if it was designed by a sadist that included side pockets as well). Don't let that discourage you from wearing them. I was reading a blog post where the writer wondered if she should wear such skirts, and my enthusiastic reply is YES! No item of clothing is 100% flattering, but what these skirts do for the overall line of your outfit, and the way they make your legs look more than compensates for a bit of stomach making itself seen. No one will be looking at your gut-they'll be checking out your shoes.

Just make sure your pencil skirt has stretch material before you do the hoisting a leg on the vanity for a photo thing.
The garden is looking happy. There's four varieties of tomato, three variety of bell peppers, peas, spinach, rocket, mixed salad greens, rosemary, scallions, lemon balm, lovage, a lime tree, a bay laurel, the gardenia, lavender, cyclamen, garlic, basil, oregano, and room for several more. For a small townhouse, we  managed to put every inch of the front yard to use. The back is quite shady, so I'm off to the garden centre for some shade-loving plants for the patio.
Room for one more in the raised bed.

I was beginning to fear we'd never get spring.


pastcaring said...

Yep, you got to Spring, your veg and flower beds are planted up, and you look cool and chic in your Cuban shirt and pencil skirt. Funny, I don't wear pencil skirts much, tend to feel a bit hip-heavy in them, but I would definitely rather wear one than jogging bottoms or shorts. I can't do sporty casual either, skirts and dresses are so much easier (and better to look at too!) xxx

Janice said...

I'm still jealous of your bay laurel and that shirt is the best. Off to online vintage sites in search of one for myself!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Puntastically marvelous title (and second title option). I do a good pun or play on words something fierce (have you read the book The Pun Also Rises? It's a quick, delightful page turner that I highly recommend if you haven't).

Oh no! What sort of navy belt would you be after as a replacement for this last one of yours? I ask because I'd be more than happy to keep my eyes peeled for one for you while sourcing for my shop (now a very common activity - as if I needed another excuse to haunt thrift stores, flea markets and the like! :)).

Speaking of la shop, thank you deeply for your massively supportive comment on today's post. Now that my spirits are out of the dumps once more, I couldn't agree with everything you said more and am psyched about what the future holds in store (pun, to circle back entirely intended).

♥ Jessica

Goody said...

@ Janice

This is the second laurel (Apollo II) because Apollo I bit the dust from some strange soil mildew that I think had something to do with the water on the farm. It is a year old now, and has only been back outdoors for a few days, so we'll see how it feels about living in the city. It is still alive, and looks more or less healthy, but it hasn't grown much. Anyway, they're touchy plants to grow in Northern climes, but if you are willing to kill a few learning, eventually (I'm told) you'll get one willing to produce.

yinzerella said...

Is there a place on your blog for me to actually email subscribe???

I've missed so many posts :(

Also, love the glasses. I assume that you found the old frames somewhere and had new lenses popped in? Do eye places do that commonly???

Goody said...

If this blog has email subscription stuff, I can't find it. Then again, I am an idiot, so I'll have another look and see what I can find out.

The glasses are vintage (as are my spares) and I've always just had new lenses set in my old frames. Most places will make you sign a waiver in the event they break them (which happens due to age)but they were so cheap to begin with, it wouldn't be a big deal.

I have a GIGANTIC pair of Cazal frames I'm getting set soon. Mr. ETB calls them my Run DMC glasses. I hope those don't break.

Connie said...
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