Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let's Hang Crap on the Walls

If I'm going to stand on a chair and pound nails in the wall for one set of hangings, I might as well do them all.

These look a bit sparse on the wall next to the stove, but I'll get my copper moulds up one of these days. These are cute Miller Studio chalkware pieces I bought Sunday at Thrift World. They were still in their packaging (which I saved, because I'm not stupid). Here's a better look:
 I'm a sucker for cute chalkware. We have a swan in the upstairs hallway, and Danny has an owl (of course) in his room, so it only made sense to purchase these.
 I go bananas for chalkware!
Orange you glad I bought them?

Moving along now...

 These are the "Wee Musicians." I bought them ten years ago, and they sat on a bookshelf waiting for me to hang them. It never happened, so when I unpacked them at the new house I was determined to get them up.

 I put them in a vertical row on the wall next to the thermostat where they are sure to be noticed.
I also put up the scary lions in the bedroom today. Danny says he'll never set foot in that room again. He really hates them. Now I know how to keep him out of our room. Should have put up scary wall art sooner.

It did take me a year to get around to finally hanging something on the freshly-painted white walls, but I guess I feel settled now. I hope the lions don't keep me up at night.


pastcaring said...

No, those lions are pussy cats, but if they keep Danny out, then by all means tell him they are possessed and fearsome.
I like a bit of chalkware too, and your fruity bits and bobs are lovely. The little musical folk are cute too. I have a load of pictures I haven't got round to putting up. Why is that? Too scared of the drill, probably. xxx

Connie said...

The title of your blog totally cracks me up. Yes, let's hang crap on the walls. Unfortunately I have far more crap than wall space. Love the little framed people.